Different Types of Barges

Different Types of Barges INLAND BARGES Inland barges comprise the majority of barges operating on the inland waters. These types of barges are designed to operate on canals, rivers, bays, and inland lakes. Inland barges’ aim is providing the most economical mode of transportation for oversized, large volume, or high-density cargos. Different sizes of barges […]

Bottom Door Hopper Barge Reushinka

Bottom Door Hopper Barge Reushinka Name : REUSHINKA Type : Sand Carrier / Hopper Barge Flag : Russian Class : Russian Class Build Year : 1985 Capacity : 600 m3 Length : 56,19 m Breadth : 11,21 m Depth : 4,44 m Draught : 3,70 m Speed : 8,90 knots Gross : 745 Net : 223 […]

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