What is a Crane Barge? Why it is Needed?

What is a Crane Barge? CRANE BARGES As we mentioned before on our blog post Types of Barges (which contains very useful information) it was explained superficially. Now you can find detailed information about Crane Barges or Crane Vessels. As the name suggests, a crane ship is that type of sea-going vessel that has a […]

Different Types of Barges

Different Types of Barges INLAND BARGES Inland barges comprise the majority of barges operating on the inland waters. These types of barges are designed to operate on canals, rivers, bays, and inland lakes. Inland barges’ aim is providing the most economical mode of transportation for oversized, large volume, or high-density cargos. Different sizes of barges […]

Canakkale 1915 Bridge

Canakkale 1915 Bridge Canakkale 1915 Bridge is the longest mid-span suspension bridge in the world. The bridge is located between Gallipoli in Europe and Lapseki in Asia. The planned total length of the bridge is 3563 meters and with the viaducts, length reaches 4608 meters. Span distance of the 1915 Canakkale Bridge is 2023 meters. […]

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