Recent Charter Projects

Our deck barge equipment Sema-1 successfully completed the most compelling projects. Embarking crawler crane, carrying heavy loads at the prestigious projects of Turkey such as Izmit Bay Bridge (Osman Gazi Bridge), 1915 Canakkale Bridge, Hamitabat Powerplant Project. You can find details of the projects below.

Deck cargo barge Sema-1 served to Japanese contractor IHI and subcontractor ARAS at the project.

Subcontractor, Unitek Insaat, of bridge main consortium DLSY (Daelim – Limak – SK E&C – Yapi Merkezi) hired deck barge Sema-1 for piling works.

Leader heavy load transporter Hareket Proje carried out the mission by our flat top deck cargo barge Sema-1.

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