Hamitabat Project – Transportation of Transformers

1200 MW capacity, supplies electric for 1.271.749 people, Hamitabat Natural Gas Combined Cycle Power Plant is located at the Luleburgaz district of the Kırklareli City. The completion date of this heavy move project is the end of June 2016. We as Sema Marine completed our services in April 2016.

Our, Flat Top Deck Barge, equipment SEMA-1 was chartered by Hareket Proje Tasimaciligi, which is the main contractor for heavy move project of the segments of the power plant, for transportation of Hamitabat power plant transformers between Tuzla and Marmara Ereglisi. All stability, ballast operations, loading, and unloading calculations and operations completed successfully for 2 unit transformers, 450tons each. Deck Barge SEMA-1 is capable of performing similar projects

Please feel free to contact us to get a quotation for such heavy cargo transportation by deck cargo barge.

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